Unknown man arrested after damage in Rihanna’s home in LA

Rihanna’s Home Issue:

A man broke into Rihanna’s home in Los Angeles on Wednesday and the details are wild it’s hard to believe people like this really exist on Wednesday. Eduardo Leone split into Rihanna’s home while she was in New York cops say that he somehow damaged her alarm mode in his plan. It was not to steal her but to have sex with her he added that he was not planning to use force to make that plan. Which I’m not sure if that does it better but all right Rihanna’s deputy found the 26-year-old inside the next daylight.

Which means he waited the night and clearly he was getting himself happy he was charging his phone and I’m carrying his bag when police discovered him. He was tased and jailed for hunting on Thursday day just before 10 a.m. Leone had split into another house on May 4th considering that. It was Rihanna’s he was also arrested for separate conflicts including domestic burglary and trespassing. He is currently being held on one hundred and fifty thousand dollars bail.

Rihanna wasn’t homeward when the conflict this is shocking on so many levels and it feels like related cases have been occurring more regularly these days. We’re just glad she’s saved and Leone is in jail. But soon we want to know what you think of this crazy tale should personalities be going 24/7 guards even when all aren’t home you would think she previously had a top-notch safety arrangement.

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