Kanye West Twitter Tirade Issue Defends By Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian quickly shut down reports claiming that shes scolded kanye for posting photos of their home. This event is made to you by hidden active new secret active gives strength in the times when it means most let’s be real as active as Kim is on social media do we really think she would be bothered with kanye for oversharing kanye lately tweeted a photo that gives a hallway.

this look like the sunken place along with a crying and laughing emoji. In case you don’t know the sunken place is a reference to Jordan peels a breakout film get out that represents a perpetual place of slumber regarding racial and justice and oppression people have joked that kanye is in the sunken place because he’s married to a Kardashian has met with Trump and said certain things that some believe are a bit misguided.

I’m just the messenger anyway Kim been quoted kanyes tweet that showed their home saying quote bae but we had a rule to not show her home on social media so can we now allow keeping up with the Kardashians filming in the home she filed it with a thinking and laughing emoji the daily mail then took that and ran with it they posted a headline that read at Kim Kardashian asked old kanye west on Twitter after he shares pictures of family home amid another bizarre tirade Kim saw this and shut it down.

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