Blake Lively – Ryan Reynolds laughs off marriage trouble

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Breakup

Blake Lively: Ryan Reynolds laughs off marriage trouble rumors like only Ryan Reynolds Canyon after hearing that Channing and Jenna broke up we meet this headline. It’s been quite a week for celeb couples and we’re just over here hanging on with a shred of hope for a select few pairs including Ryan Reynolds in bleep life.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Tension

Now, these two have completely beaten the odds at this point and we think we figured out their secret and it’s all in the lol according to OK Magazine. Blake and Ryan have been trying to spend state time collectively because of their very hectic work programs. The mag went on to say quote the past several cycles Ryan’s been acting out of the city while Blake visits home with the children the way between them is catching.

Ryan Reynolds Tweets

Its toll Ryan didn’t let the article circulate for long and completely shut down the speculation with some good old-fashioned sarcasm Ryan retweeted the article online and at it I wish I could use a little me time yup folks Ryan Reynolds at his best and here lies the couple is a little secret to success they don’t take things too seriously especially not tabloid rumors Ryan and Blake constantly burn each other on social media with their light-hearted wit.

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